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3d medical videos for dental clinics and medical clinics
Customized 3D videos

MadMouse Visual Clinics has an important archive containing the most popular odontological surgical proceedures and treatments so that any clinic or company may aquire those they need. We also customize the videos with each client’s logo so that they can proyect a professional image by displaying them at their workplace or showing them to their customers. Many of our clients have managed to increase their patient portfolio through the use of our videos, as they generate trust, aid in the explanation and understanding of the different treatments and make the services offered more attractive.

Here you can see the teaser of some of our medical videos. If you want to buy them, you need more information or you are interested in some other video, contact us.


Endodontics – Tooth decay treatment

This is the process carried out when endodontics are needed. It is a dental treatment for deep cavities.

Missing teeth – How to replace it

This is the recovery process needed after replacing teeth and some tips to save a tooth.

Sinus Lift

This 3D video shows how the sinus lift procedure is performed in order to place dental implants later.

Consequences of not replacing missing teeth

The consequences of not replacing missing teeth can derive in gum inflammations, cavities, etc.

Wisdom teeth extraction and Pericoronaritis

Here, you can appreciate the periocoronaritis and other complications that wisdom teeth can provoque.

Immediate dental implants post-extraction

This is the treatment of a tooth extraction and the subsequent dental implants placement.

Cavities and the influence of tooth decay on health

You can appreciate in this video the progression of cavities and its influence on health.

Orthodontic devices – Palatal expander and headgear

The palatal expander is used to expand the palate in those patients who have a narrow one.

Veeners – Preparation and placement of dental veneers

Veneers are used, in this case, to correct defects in the teeth. You can see the whole process here.

Tooth extraction – Treatment for socket preservation

We can see how two teeth are lost due to decay, their extraction and how the sockets are filled.

Periodontitis and its influence on health

Although periodontitis is a dental disease, it also can affect the rest of the human body.

Gingivectomy – Treatment of gummy smile

Gingivectomy consists in cutting the excess of gum in order to correct the amount of exposed tooth.

Malocclusion classes

This short video is about the malocclusion, the way that teeth fit into the mouth, and its classes.

Periodontitis – Periodontal Disease

This 3D representation shows how periodontitis is related to gums and bones.

All on 4 dental implants

The ‘All on 4 dental implants’ involve placing 4 implants in both the maxilla and mandible.

Braces – Elements of the orthodontics and its role

With this video, you can learn about the different elements used in braces, such as brackets or elastics.

Treatment of periodontal disease – Scaling and root planing

Doing scaling and root planing are the most common treatments for the periodontal disease.

Rehabilitation of the maxilla with 6 dental implants

A full rehabilitation of the maxilla with fixed prostheses screwed on 6 dental implants.

Atrophy post tooth extraction

The more time passes, the more complicated the placement of dental implants is.

Chronology of dental eruption

We can see the birth order of baby teeth, its chronology of replacement and when the wisdom teeth appear.

Extractions in Orthodontics

Sometimes, the lack of space and malposition of teeth requires the extraction of premolars to generate space.

Baby teeth and the use of space maintainers

The use of space maintainers can avoid problems caused by the premature fall of these milk teeth.

Fixed bridge over natural tooth – Comparative with implants

In this video, you can see a fixed bridge over natural tooth and its comparison with implants.

Tooth decay treament – Composite restoration

This is the composite restoration, the most common tooth decay treatment.

Dental crown lengthening

The dental crown lengthening is a treatment option to restore a tooth that has suffered a destruction.

Dental bridge

This 3D animation shows how a dental bridge is done. This is an option to replace missing teeth.


The apicoectomy is a treatment to remove an infection that affects the root of a tooth and adjacent tissues.

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD) and bruxism

The temporomandibular dysfunction affects to the joint that connects the jaw to the skull.

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