MadMouse Studio is an animation company specialized in 3D design, visual effects (VFX), digital integration, virtual reality (VR), postproduction and Motion Graphics.

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[film_service name_service=”VIRTUAL REALITY” icon_service=”be-32be” border_service=”box-content-hover” description_service=”We digitally develop scenes and objects with a real feel to them. Thanks to our team of experts, you will be able to discover a new dimension where everything is possible.”]
[film_service name_service=”ANIMATION AND 3D” icon_service=”be-4be” border_service=”box-content-hover” description_service=”We produce 3D designs for advertising, architecture, engineering or medical projects, as well as animation jobs for use in films, TV series or promotional videos.”]
[film_service name_service=”VISUAL EFFECTS” icon_service=”be-28be” border_service=”box-content-hover” description_service=”We transform fiction into reality for films, advertising and businesses. We create special effects and design objects and environments that could only exist within your imagination.”]
[film_service name_service=”VISUAL MEDICS” icon_service=”be-24be” border_service=”box-content-hover” description_service=”We work for companies in the medical industry, and we specialise in recreating odontological surgeries, as well as any other type of medical treatments.”]
[film_service name_service=”POSTPRODUCTION” icon_service=”be-46be” border_service=”box-content-hover” description_service=”We help you give your professional videos a boost in quality through the use of digital techniques that will make you stand out from your competitors. “]
[film_service name_service=”MOTION GRAPHICS” icon_service=”be-31be” border_service=”box-content-hover” description_service=”We create animated videos in order to produce a larger impact in cinema, advertising, corporate videos or interactive presentations. A different way of communicating or selling your product.”]
[film_discover style_discover=”3″ image=”2705″ check_box_discover=”yes” link_to_discover=”” small_title=”VISUAL MEDICS” short_description=”3D VIDEOS FOR MEDICAL AND DENTAL CLINICS” margin_title=”-24px”]MadMouse Studio is well known for the design of 3D videos for the medical sector. We have a department to faithfully reproduce dental treatments, medical and plastic surgery and even virtual tours through the facilities of any clinic.[/film_discover]
[film_discover style_discover=”1″ image=”2621″ check_box_discover=”yes” link_to_discover=”” title_section=”ABOUT US” short_description=”IF YOU CAN IMAGINE IT, MADMOUSE STUDIO CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN” margin_title=”-24px”]We offer a wide range of services tailored to each client’s needs, and we work with cinema and television producers, animation studios, advertising agencies or architects. We also have a section specializing in the medical and dental sectors: MadMouse Visual Medics.[/film_discover]

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